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Serving manufacturing and technology companies since 1987.

Our Capabilities

We are a video production company with expertise in photography, web development, and graphic design. We understand media production. We have 20+ years experience, working primarily with companies in the eastern US. Our clients include electrical cable, software companies, aerospace and defense contractors, nuclear and off-shore oil and gas contractors, plastics and metals recycling companies, product manufacturers, and more.

Our Promise

We will provide professional results for your company. We will save you money over larger studios and agencies. We will meet or exceed your deadline. We take the time to do things right. We’re meticulous with details, and we’re not finished until you are satisfied. We look for long-term relationships built on trust. Many of our clients have been with us for 20+ years.

When cost, speed and creativity are important
HD & 4K


The gallery below showcases some of our recently completed work.

Some of the companies we’ve done work for:


Call us for product photography, facilities photos and corporate headshots.

 FRL Collage5
 FRL Collage5  Pmr Collage5  Rscc Collage5


The photographs below were shot in a location where grease, chipped paint and dirt are a natural occurrence in the manufacturing environment. That being said, these photos are not suitable for brochures or corporate art until they are digitally cleaned up. See the results below. Click images to enlarge.


Let us re-design your website, and supply you with new video and photography.

Why should you update your website?

Keeping your website’s content up to date increases search priority and builds trust with your customers. If your website is out of date, slow, and difficult to navigate, you should consider a redesign. We can help. The 4k content we acquire for your video will also be available for your website.


A sampling of the framed photographs, below, after they were retouched, printed and framed for the companies second conference room. Everything was done in-house.


Utilizing the Epson 64” wide-format GS-6000, we are able to print on a multitude of substrates. One of the most attention-grabbing is our high-quality wallpaper. This allows our corporate clients to display floor-to-ceiling graphics in vivid color. We also use this for fine-art on canvas. The output from this printer is waterproof, and highly UV / scratch resistant.

Epson 9900

Our Epson 9900 45” printer has been heralded as the best photographic printer ever made. This printer has 11 inks for great color reproduction, including 3 blacks for stunning black and white prints. Quality suitable for fine art galleries and corporate graphics. Can be laminated or custom framed.


What some of our clients are saying…

Project: Hendrix Wire and Cable, Virtual Tour 2021
Mattingly Graphics was absolutely amazing to work with on our Virtual Plant Tour project. Jim Mattingly did a tremendous job. The final output was of world class quality. The project required extensive shooting and a significant degree of coordination to get right. In addition to the basics, Jim produced excellent graphics in the video and he went out of his way to provide extra video footage that really enhanced the value. His attention to detail and his creativity brought this whole project to a great conclusion.

Scott Rowles, Regional Sales Manager

Project: Marmon VitaLINK Fire-Safety Cables, 3d Marketing Video
Jim, it is a pleasure to work with a true professional as yourself. We have done some unique things and it looks like we may just be scratching the surface of what is possible. There will be many more projects and opportunities and I look forward to working with you on them. Thanks for your hard work and doggedness on this project. From what I’m hearing, it is a great draw in Vegas and will get plenty of play time around the globe. It’s a production and breakthrough you should be very proud of.

Dennis Chalk, President, Marmon Engineered Wire and Cable (EWC)

Project: RSCC Plant Safety Video
I am so impressed with your and Ed Fenton’s collaborative work here! This is the best safety video I have ever seen and I sincerely congratulate both of you on your professionalism and high degree of creativity. BRAVO!

Jim Belanger, Marketing Director, Marmon EWC

Project: Comtran DEFENSE-LINK Video
Words cannot express my gratitude for all of your efforts in the creation of the Comtran shipboard assemblies video! From script and scene suggestions, to on-location shoots, to the countless hours of editing; all of which were done with patience and a smile. Thanks for teaching me so much about the process. The final products turned out very well. The videos were well-received at the AFCEA show.

Amy Gee, Product Manager, Comtran Corp

Project: Marmon Ruggedized Cable Video
All kidding aside, the video is outstanding! I don’t know where you got some of the application footage but the fire scene at the petrochemical plant is powerful. The scene where you hear the rain is really effective. This is really great and portrays the company in a very updated way. It does not drag or seem dated with old graphics. I am impressed. Best wire and cable video I have ever seen.

Robert Canny, President, TE Wire

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